At Roleclothing we have both high and medium support sports bras, thus providing you with all the options depending on the type of training you do. For your strength training or pilates classes we recommend the medium support ones, while if you practice running or you have a cardio hiit day in which you have to jump to the clouds, the high support sports bra will be yours. Also, depending on the coverage you want, you can choose between shorter tops like the Allure Cross Top or slightly longer tops like the Fierté Top.

Why do all our bras fit so well? In all of them we use seamless technology, that is, without seams, which makes them adapt to you like a second skin, giving you the comfort and freedom you need to give everything in each of your routines.

A menudo miramos hacia afuera, admirando lo que otras logran, lo que tienen, cómo brillan. En ese proceso, nos olvidamos de mirar hacia adentro. Queremos cambiar esa perspectiva. Es hora de reconocer tu coraje, tu tenacidad, tu alegría. Cada paso, cada caída, cada ascenso te hace única. ADMYRE nace para recordarte la importancia de valorarte a ti misma.

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