Beneficios de practicar Yoga

Benefits of practicing Yoga

Available all day, connected to a screen from here to there and, of course, what happens happens. Stress, anxiety and deep exhaustion knock at our door. If you want to combat them, perhaps the practice of yoga can help you mitigate them.

Or, have you ever wondered why there are more and more yogis in the world? The answer is easy, my friend, because of the benefits that it entails, and yoga is not only a sport but the union of the body, mind and soul since it will help you both physically and mentally as well as spiritually.

If I still haven't managed to convince you to get hooked on the numerous yoga asanas, here are a series of benefits with which once you have read them you will say “I do”.

  • Improve your breathing:

This does not stop here, but a good breath improves our mood as it slows down the heart rate and relaxes the muscles.

  • Greater flexibility:

At first they may seem like contortionist postures, but over time you can become a version of Elastic Girl, and not only that, you will release those damn muscular tensions produced by stress.

  • Good body posture:

I'm sure you still remember when your mother or grandmother told you "Straight up!". Now with yoga you will be able to achieve it and beat the battle against those bad postures inherited from years of office chairs and sitting badly on the sofa.

  • Welcome stronger muscles and bones:

Yoga helps prevent bone loss while increasing joint flexibility and toning us up.

  • Most importantly, it helps maintain a healthy nervous system:

By practicing yoga we are calmer in our day-to-day life, which reduces our heart rate and blood pressure. With this, you can say goodbye to stress and hello to floating through life.

These are just some of the benefits we have listed to convince you that you should start practicing this discipline. But the list is endless, for example it helps us to sleep better, to increase our capacity for concentration and self-control.

If after all this you have become curious to try it, we leave you two of the most famous options on the Internet, Adriene Mishler and Xuan Lan. Both have YouTube channels where you can find practices aimed at all levels and differentiated by specific benefits. You can find videos from ten minutes to forty and, the best? Thanks to their extremely clear explanations on how to do each position, you won't have to be glued to the screen to understand them.

Now yes, put on your bodysuit, unroll your mat and connect your body and mind!

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