¿Cómo combinar la ropa de deporte con tu ropa del día a día?

How to combine sportswear with your day-to-day clothes?

Although it is the catwalks that propose the trends, it is the people on foot who have the last word. It's proving. In recent years we have chosen how we want to dress, putting comfort before practicality and making "athleisure", one of the trends on the rise, take to the streets and live with us.

Are you wondering what this trend is all about? We tell you! Surely you have seen tops like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber more than once combining sports wear with other everyday items. That's the key! Athleisure is the trend of integrating sportswear both for the most obvious, going to the gym, and for something completely different, going to the office, to university or to go out. Yes, yes, you heard right. Whether with a blazer, sneakers or a sweatshirt, athleisure offers you a thousand options, also giving you that perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality without losing good taste.

Do you dare to try it? We give you the keys to succeed in this trend yes or yes.

*Note: After each garment paragraph it would be good to put an example with garments from your brand.

  • Blazers or wool coats: These garments are the Holy Grail to create an athleisure look to be proud of and with which to take more than one selfie. And, is that blazers and coats combine with everything, making a perfect match with leggings and a tight top, or if you are more daring with one of our outfits.

  • Oversized sweater and sweatshirt: Warm and comfortable garments, what more could you ask for? Combine them with cycling-style leggings, mid-high socks, and chunky sneakers. As they are oversize garments, they will give a touch of greater mobility as well as a highlight to your athleisure style.

  • Leggings and cycling tights: The God in sportswear and the easiest to combine too. If you don't have any in your closet, take a look at the colors we have at Roleclothing. And, it is that, some leggings, a college-style sweatshirt and your most comfortable sneakers are the main keys to having the perfect style.

  • Tracksuit shorts: The first surname of this garment is: Our advice? Combine them with a shirt to make the perfect mix between street wear and sport wear.

  • Bomber Jacket: We don't know if they're back or if they never really left. Printed, plain, university, whatever they are, you have to say “yes” to them this winter. How to combine them? They are perfect both with long leggings and bikers or with bodysuits.

  • Accessories: Last but not least, jewelry. Earrings, chains, bracelets and even rings will give them that authenticity and sophistication that we are looking for.

In summary, the key is to know how to balance your sports garments, such as Roleclothing, together with the daily ones for your looks. Your mantra for the perfect athleisure look is: Comfort without being overly simple or overdone.

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