¿Cómo elegir los leggings perfectos para ti

How to choose the perfect leggings for you

We have to face it, in addition to living in the digital age, we live in the age of exercising at home and thus, it is easy to be tempted to put on any clothes (usually commercial or old) to train without paying attention to what can help us to wear clothes designed for sports. Not only do they give us extra motivation - it has been shown that 9 out of 10 people who go to the gym with sportswear they like feel more motivated - but they also help us detect postural errors and exercises that we are doing inappropriately.

For example, when doing sumo squats or Bulgarian squats you must be very aware of the position of your knees to protect them and, if you wear wide sweatpants it will be impossible. For this reason, it is important to wear good leggings with which you can correct your posture and feel ready to give everything in each exercise.

In Roleclothing you can find thousands of models both in the short and long version. All of them are cut with seamless technology, which makes them adapt to you like a second skin, providing maximum comfort when training.

Do you want to know my favorite part? At Roleclothing you can choose between models with a high or super high waist (little shriek of happiness) this great little detail makes all its models stylize your figure and its leggings become your best ally both when doing sports and outside. From home. Mid/low waist leggings are a thing of the past, so we can happily say goodbye.

If you don't know which one to choose, don't worry, I'll help you.


Let's go to the important thing, PUSH UP EFFECT.

With them you can change your last name to Kardashian, the Allure leggings sculpt your figure as if it had been chiseled by the Gods of Olympus, compressing those areas that are more rebellious.


Feel like you're wearing nothing.

If you like freedom of movement, the Espoir is for you. Being made of rib and not having a single seam, you can do any type of training with them, including socializing!


When more is more.

The Fierté are those leggings that have it all, seamless, with details on the side and back that stylize your figure and offer you an extra push up. The short version of the Fierté model is a little shorter than the other models without sacrificing comfort and always staying in place.


Everything in its place.

As their name suggests, these leggings are a treasure. Its waistband has a reducing band that adjusts to your body and gives you a wasp waist, they are ideal for all types of training and, above all, to keep the abdomen focused when training the core.

Now that you know all its benefits, it's time to make a decision. Which one(s) do you decide on?

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